The company’s every-growing line of fantasy products have spiced up the sex lives of countless men, women and couples around the world. Known for quality, creativity and competitive pricing, Sportsheets has become a trusted friend and confidant to a growing community of sexually curious adults from every walk of life.

It all started when founder and CEO Tom Stewart saw a Velcro®-wearing David Letterman jump off a trampoline and stick to a wall. Tom, who was a helicopter pilot at the time, pulled together a few Marine buddies and their girlfriends for an informal focus group, asking them what they thought about being restrained by Velcro®. He got a big thumbs-up — especially from the women who liked that it would be easy to get out of.

And so was born the original Sportsheet, a Velcro® Bondage Bedsheet that became a worldwide phenomenon. Updated versions of the Sportsheet continue to be bestsellers today.

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