5 Benefits of Sex Toys

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When some people hear the word “sex toys,” they automatically think “taboo.” As sex toys are becoming more widely accepted, people are now reaping the benefits of these orgasmic little devices. I’m here to tell you a little bit about what I’ve learned over the years working in the adult retail industry.

Increased sexual awareness

Whether you are alone, or with a partner, developing an awareness of what makes you feel good is the key to a great orgasm. Contrary to what you might see on TV or the internet, most people are uncomfortable discussing what makes them aroused and what feels good during sex or even pleasuring yourself alone.
 Once you get over the “hump,” the benefits of your own increased sexual awareness can be very beneficial, especially to the women who have never had an orgasm in their lifetime. Experimenting with sex toys opens new doors from erotic foreplay, amazing sex to mind-blowing solo play.

Back to basics

After working in the adult retail industry for years, I would get a lot of customers come in and mention that it was their first time in an adult store and that they’ve never owned any kind of sex toy. Seeing as how I was a late bloomer to the sex toy world and realizing the true benefit of them, I felt that it was my duty to introduce these women (and men too) to sex toys that would fit their need. After a series of questions and rapport building, I would find my footing to help these customers achieve what they came in looking for; an orgasmic device. My recommendations for beginners would start off with a clitoral stimulator for a woman, such as a bullet (knowing that 75% of women have an orgasm through clitoral stimulation) or a vibrating C-Ring for couples. Most men who came into the store knew what they were looking for. Let’s face it: most men have an easier time obtaining an orgasm. On numerous occasions, I would have customers come back to the store and thank me for helping them pick out something that helped them achieve an orgasm, or an even better orgasm that they’ve never experienced. You see, sex toys don’t have to be intimidating. A good way to look at them is by thinking of them as an aide to help make your sexual experience even better. I mean, who wants to put in all that effort with minimal or an average pay off?

It’s all about making the orgasm more exhilarating and intense.

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Stress and anxiety reducer

Unfortunately, we live in world where stress and anxiety play a major part of our daily lives. Whether it’s work, school, family, responsibilities, etc., the list goes on. Thankfully, sex toys were created! In your day-to-day lives, if you’re able to take 10 minutes for yourself, grab that toy and allow yourself to enjoy what your body is able to do naturally when stimulated in all the right ways, release oxytocin. Take that 10 minutes and forget the stress from the day and enjoy yourself. Revel in it. Your mind and body will thank you. Trust me.

Better together

Introducing sex toys in the bedroom with a partner cannot only make your sexual experience better, but it can also create a better understanding of each other’s sexual preferences and what truly gets the boat moving. Over time, this can create a more intimate and deeper connection with one another. In my book, the use of sex toys in the bedroom shouldn’t be frowned upon or intimidating. There is no sex toy that will take the place of your significant other (you’d be surprised how many people feel like that). A sex toy is merely a device that you can use to make your sexual experience better, together, creating that euphoric feeling of pleasure more intense for you and your significant other.

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In the end

Do I think sex toys are beneficial? Absolutely. Was it a little awkward at first? Sure. But don’t let that stray you away from trying one out. There is a wide market of sex toys available. Thankfully, it ranges from beginner to advanced so finding what works for you shouldn’t be too difficult. Price points are relatively good too. You can get your first toy for as low as $10 to $20. Now think about that, we’ve all blown $10 on some nick-knack item that’s sitting on our dresser collecting dust, or in sitting in a box in the closet that you totally forgot about. Next time, invest that $10 or $20 into a beginner’s sex toy. Life is all about creating memories, right? Why not make every sexual experience a memorable one? One orgasm at a time.

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